4 Ways to Cope with Difficult Emotions

By: Tracy Wrocklage Everyone experiences difficult emotions at times. No one is happy and positive all the time. Even the most joyful people go through periods of sadness, anger, and stress. Have you recently experienced a sudden loss? Have you experienced a traumatic event and are being triggered by current circumstances? Are you struggling withContinue reading “4 Ways to Cope with Difficult Emotions”

7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Are you looking for an easy way to feel more positive, get better sleep, improve your health and improve relationships? I have the answer for you…GRATITUDE. I know it can sound corny but it does work. Gratitude is an easy way to change your mindset in minutes. You can pull yourself out of a badContinue reading “7 Ways to Practice Gratitude”

You Decided to go to Therapy, Now What?

You’ve been thinking about it for a while and now you have taken the next step and decided to begin therapy. Although this is often the most difficult step to take, more work must be done before you find the right therapist and begin your journey of reflection and self-growth. Where do I look? HereContinue reading “You Decided to go to Therapy, Now What?”