7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

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Are you looking for an easy way to feel more positive, get better sleep, improve your health and improve relationships? I have the answer for you…GRATITUDE. I know it can sound corny but it does work. Gratitude is an easy way to change your mindset in minutes. You can pull yourself out of a bad mood and instantly feel more relaxed and happy.

Now, you may be asking…ok so how do I go about practicing gratitude, especially on days I am feeling down or angry. Here are 7 ways to practice gratitude today:

  1. Start a gratitude journal
    • Jot down a few things each day that you are grateful for. You don’t have to go crazy making an extensive list. Even writing 3 things for the day can shift your mood.
  2. Say things you are grateful for either in your mind or out loud
    • This is a good one when you are out and unable to access your gratitude journal. Think of this one when you are sitting in traffic and someone cuts you off. Instead of stewing in anger, shift your mindset by listing the things you are grateful for at that moment.
  3. Gratitude Meditations
    • Meditation is an excellent way to practice mindfulness and stay present. There are tons of guided meditations on YouTube that focus on gratitude. Try one! You will feel better instantly.
  4. Write a letter of gratitude to someone you care about
    • Express how much this person means to you or things they have done for you that you are thankful for. Not only does this make you feel better, but you will also make the recipient of the letter feel grateful too.
  5. Gratitude Jar
    • Each day write one thing you are grateful for on a small piece of paper. Place the paper in a jar. At the end of the year, you will have 365 things to be grateful for. You can get creative and decorate the jar and use colorful paper.
  6. Gratitude Journal Prompts
    • Another way to use your gratitude journal is to use prompts that focus on gratitude. For example, list 5 people you are grateful for. Prompts help focus on a topic, especially if you are having difficulty thinking about what to write.
  7. Spend Time in Nature
    • Spending time in nature is another way to practice gratitude. Try to practice mindfulness and take in the beauty around you. This can instantly help you feel more grateful.

These are 7 suggestions for practicing gratitude and feeling happier and more energized. What are some of your favorite ways to practice gratitude?

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