5 Ways to Reach Your Goals this Year

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January is time for a clean slate. We leave behind all the negative aspects of the previous year and feel a fresh start. This is a time to feel hopeful about the upcoming months and start new goals for the year. So often we set new year’s resolutions to achieve in the upcoming months. Unfortunately, for so many people, these resolutions often fizzle within the first couple of weeks of the new year. This can often lead to feeling unsuccessful or like a failure. Here are 5 ways to reach your goals this year.

  1. Set an intention or theme for the year.

Rather than set a resolution to achieve, think of a word that you want to be your theme of the year. This can be anything that you would like to focus on. Some examples include Present, Kind, Focused, Healthy, and Confident. Use this word as a guide to help you with daily tasks and apply it to the situations you encounter throughout the day.

2. Break down your goal into small, manageable steps.

Goals can feel overwhelming and even though we want to accomplish them, if a goal feels too much it is easy to talk yourself out of it. Write down the big goal you would like to achieve then think of ways to break it down into smaller steps. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and you will feel as though you are making progress as you slowly start to complete these smaller steps.

3. A little self-reflection goes a long way.

Take time to reflect on your progress as you slowly begin to achieve your goals. You can determine how often this should be done based on your goal. You can reflect daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. Take time to write out what is working and what could use improvement. This is also a good time to make any changes or adjustments to your goals.

4. Be aware of bad days.

The beginning of the year can make us feel optimistic. This is a great way to start the year, but it is important to remember that you will still have bad days, no matter how motivated or hopeful you are. Tough moments are a part of life. Accepting them and understanding that they are temporary is an effective way to continue to move forward. Do not let a bad day stop you from reaching your goals. Take time to be gentle with yourself during these difficult times but do not let them derail you from your goals.

5. Celebrate even the smallest wins.

Do not wait until you reach your goal to celebrate. Take time to be proud of yourself for accomplishing the smallest achievements. Maybe you worked on your goal on a day you did not want to. That is a reason to celebrate. By acknowledging the progress you are making, you will most likely continue to move forward.

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